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Frequently Asked Questions (As copy / pasted from Grigori's Forum)


1. Is Team GabeN Ever Going To Release Anything?

Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 built with the source will be released when they're finished. Any maps / models / etc. that are created that you might be hearing about or have seen a member post WIPs to will be released with the game that it belongs to, unless otherwise stated.

2. What Is The Release Date For TF2 / HL2?

Whenever we feel like it.

3. Are There Any Openings In Team GabeN?

Currently Team GabeN is looking for people who can model, animate, UV, and rig. Any applications should be directed to IRC.

4. What Will The Minimum Requirements Be For HL2 / TF2?

If your computer can run the anon leak, it can run the GabeN fixes.

5. Will there be deathmatch and co-op?

Yes, there will be regular deathmatch and co-op.

6. Can I Beta Test For Team GabeN?


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