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[edit] Background


[edit] General Information

Valve's second concept for Team Fortress 2 featured a Sci-Fi theme with none of the characters or even places being related to the Half-Life story. There are speculations floating around that this concept was based around the 7-hour war. Those have been confirmed to be false by Valve - there never was a 7-hour war concept of TF2, get it through your fucking heads.

Following the Half-Life 2 leak, CS and HL1 ports were released by Anon. The Counter-Strike port included two out-of-place player models under the names "temp_player.mdl" and "alien_commando.mdl". Those are a Human and the Alien Commando and they're the only known/available TF2 models we have from Valve. Any other asset made for that game simply doesn't exist or is not available to the general public.

Team GabeN have successfully compiled the TF2 server and client DLLs from the leaked source code, along with the V35/36 engine to load them. This has allowed us to (very closely) re-create what Valve called Team Fortress 2 at around the time of HL2's leak. I say "very closely" because the only thing that's different are the assets - those have been created by us or borrowed from various mods to use during development. We hope to eventually have our own models made specifically for TF2.

[edit] First Run

First screenshot of TF2 running
First screenshot of TF2 running

Compiling the game and engine source code was only part of the challenge with launching TF2. Getting the game to load up and run without any crashes at startup was probably the harder task.

On Friday, 10/13/2006 [8:14 PM], Essel and aVe was finally able to launch the game without any crashes. After this, the team was stuck for a while due to problems with the player not spawning or being able to move. The issue couldn't be resolved, so Team GabeN went back to working on HL2-related projects.

[edit] A New Start

At one point, a member of GabeN made a mistake and publicly posted a link (with login info) in their own IRC room. slkandy, a frequent idler, noticed and gained access to the team's private FTP server. He knew about the movement problems that were present in TF2 and decided to give it a go on fixing them. In 2 hours, he was able to resolve the code issues and managed to spawn + move around in a test map the team had made. Afraid that he'd be banned from the IRC channel if the team checked the server logs, slkandy decided to upload the code changes he made to the FTP and hope they would be nice enough to forgive him for breaking in.

On the following morning Andy was offered a spot on the team and from then on he's been the main contributor/coder behind TF2 to this day.

[edit] Current Status

Valve left many things unfinished or unused in the code, and it's Team GabeN's job to get everything together and working. Starting with adding missing team and class selection menus to the game code, all the way up to getting VGUI Screens on objects working, the team has done an amazing job with making TF2 the same it was when Valve was developing it. There's still much work to do, but we are confident we're making good progress and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

[edit] Game Mechanics

[edit] The Main Idea

A typical Team Fortress 2 game consists of two teams - the Humans and the Aliens. Gameplay is largely based around Resources and collecting them. Resources are chunks that can be picked up by players, which are then added to the Team's resource bank. There are many ways for players to acquire chunks, such as killing enemies, destroying enemy objects, or collecting from a Resource Pump.

Each round or conflict between the two teams is called an Act. Acts may have a time limit set by the mapper.

[edit] Classes

Player classes in TF2 include:

Additional classes exist in the code but haven't been used by Valve. Those are:

Sentry gun built by a Defender
Sentry gun built by a Defender

[edit] Building

Different player classes are able to build many types of objects at the cost of team resources. A lot of these objects can be upgraded with technologies the teams have researched and bought. Some examples of upgrades are the Vehicle Boost and Self-Heal objects. Vehicle Boost can be placed on a vehicle to give it a temporary boost of speed, and Self-Heal can be used on an object to give it the ability to repair itself when damaged.

SOME buildable objects are:

Teams are also able to build vehicles at Vehicle Bays
Some examples are:

Human holding the Laser Rifle
Human holding the Laser Rifle

[edit] Weapons

A small list of some weapons included in the game:

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